Travel with Me: California

Day 1 


Location: LAX • Venice Beach • Calabasas


Que “I hoped off the plane at LAX with my dream in my cardigan…” We are just gonna leave that there. MY friend picks me up (thank you, Gwyn, for bearing the LAX traffic all for moi) *many kisses* and we head off to take on the Venice Beach boardwalk. We grab some amazing açai bowls, literally, this place was called Amazebowls, walked around…later ended up at Sugarfish in Calabasas and hung out with the Valley kids at a local lookout.

Day 2


Location: Malibu Farm • Santa Monica


Malibu Farm for breakfast ft. my coconut french toast bread pudding (yes you read that right and an almond milk matcha latte.) After many minutes spent taking selfies in front of the perfect flower wall with #perfectlighting we ventured to Santa Monica where we strolled down the pier, shopped at the promenade and ate at the cutest place called Flowerchild, highly recommend.

Day 3


Location: Abbott Kinney


Pinch me, I’m dreaming! This street was full of life, color, and the most to-die-for boutiques. Lunch at The Butchers Daughter was delish where I ordered the GF Pad Thai. It was followed by a vegan matcha azuki parfait from Shuhari Matcha Cafe and many pictures in front of the murals that lined the side streets.

Day 4:


Location: Huntington Beach


Surf, sun, and sand…Oh wait & BURRITOS! What more can I say? Family decided to make a pit stop and meet us!

Day 5


Location: All over Malibu


Deciding whether to explore, what I thought was, my last day in Malibu or head to Melrose was pretty easy. Malibu it was followed by fresh mahi mahi and veggies at The Reel In, a long walk along El Matador State Beach and plenty of Sunlife pitaya bowls.

Day 6


Location: Beverly Hills (that’s where I want to be!) and Melrose


I was transported from one friend to another where I was able to explore a different side of LA. I gave the beach a rest for a few days and decided to FINALLY give Urth Caffe a taste and get my 15 minutes of fame as I walked down Rodeo Drive dreaming of walking out of YSL with a nice purchase (mark my word it will happen one day). Being so close to Melrose we couldn’t not go walk around and snap some cool shots in front of the many murals. Did I mention we saw LMFAO also?

Day 7


Location: Hollywood Hike • Alfred’s • CATCH LA


This day was kind of weird. We started out at Alfred’s Coffee and Tea Room then drove to the Griffith Observatory to do the #hollywoodsign hike and then decided to be all boujee and go to CATCH LA for dinner.


Day 8


Location: Back in the ‘Bu


Yep, that’s right. Im back Malibu. My parents generously offered to let me stay in California longer. Luckily, my friends weren’t quiet sick of me yet (they probably were and didn’t want to admit it 😉 ) We made a return to Malibu Farm becuase I HAD to try the lunch and then it was time to relax.

Day 9


Location: Cafe Habana • Luma Beach


Pretty self explanatory, I threw on (my favorite tshirt) Gwyn’s van’s tour shirt, a bathing suit and off we were riding through the canyon, top down on the jeep and blasting Horchata by Vampire Weekend. At lunch, I ordered a plantain brown rice bowl and some matcha boba and continued to pretend I could still model and posed for some hilarious, yet great quality, pictures on the beach.

Day 10


Location: Santa Barbera


This was officially the last stop on “Caroline’s California Adventure”. We drove up the stunning coast to Santa Monica for some tacos and maybe some shopping. We made a pit stop at Julia Child’s favorite place called La Super Rica Taqueria where I ordered a veggie tamale, watermelon aqua fresca and some chips and guac. This…place…was…AMAZING. After lunch I had to get my daily Pressed Juicery freeze and we shopped around State Street.

Day 11

Location: Grad party, Duke’s and Malibu Cove Beach

This was the most relaxing day. I got to pretend like I lived in California and go to a grad party where they had a taco bar….I mean come on, how much better could this vacation get. After that, we drove down to the Malibu beaches, enjoyed a nice dinner at Duke’s Barefoot Bar and took one last walk along the Malibu Cove beach putting different stories to each house and who we thought could live there.

Day 12


Location: LAX –> PHL


This was a sad day. I actually had to go home this time. I said my goodbyes and see-you-laters to Gwyn and her AMAZING family. Picked up some Lemonade and made my way back to dirty Jerz.



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