Summer Beach Essentials

As the summer comes to an end – everyone is in a rush to squeeze in the final few beach days. Here are my tips and essentials to get you through the summer with a nice tan, music and some fun:



  • I love my Hydroflask, I am constantly carrying it everywhere with me. It keeps my water cold all day and is perfect for any beach day!
  • A wireless speaker – see below for my summer playlist!
  • My Ray-bans have not only kept me from squinting all summer but are perfect for rocking a killer beach look.
  • My Sun Bum browning lotion might have been the best part. It smells like a combination of cocoa and bananas while helping you achieve the bronze natural look.
  • Lip protection, lip protection, lip protection! I always underestimate just how strong the sun is and I come home with burnt lips! Try and get one with SPF so that it not only keeps them moisturized but also helps to block the sun.
  •  A good read! My favorite part of the beach is reading books. If I have a good book they I could lay on the beach all day and read. Right now I am reading City of Thieves and it is so good!
  • Lastly, my new summer staple is a disposable camera. I love how the pictures turn out on these and they are perfect for capturing the unexpected moments. They take awhile to get developed but they are worth it!


Summer Playlist:

Add heading-2.jpg



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