MTV Welcome to my Crib

One of the most important things about college living is your room. Creating that cozy environment can help de-stress, make you feel comfortable and most importantly feel like your home away from home. One of my favorite parts of going back to school is shopping for decor. I love transforming an empty space into your own get-a-way.

When it comes to decorations, keep it clean and simple…


My bedding is a light gray duvet from Urban Outfitters. Having a solid colored duvet allowed me to add that little pop with some fun pillows from HomeGoods. I was able to incorporate my personality into little things. The cat vase from Urban Outfitters, kombucha bottles that holds my bracelets and the bits and pieces that I have pinned up over my desk are all help remind me of my favorite things.

The decor on my walls is from places I have traveled to. The old Vogue magazine covers are from when I went to Paris and one of my paintings are from my trip to Italy. They are there to remind me of what I love to do.

Overall, when it comes to decorating your room, make it you and don’t be afraid to step out of the box.

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