A Guide to Growing Up.

Growing up. Those two words can be some of the scariest words a young adult may hear in their life. With growing up comes responsibility, independence, and self-reliability. As you grow older, you go through many changes whether that be wardrobe changes, friends, and or even jobs. As a young girl of 20 years old, I can’t help but look back at all of the things I have done so far. I walked in New York Fashion Week, I have traveled all over the world, I had an internship at ALEX AND ANI as a freshman, and I am only going to be a junior in college. Among all of those adventures have been the little moments that I cherish the most.

I got the chance to live in an apartment with three of my best friends.

I made some very creative meals.

I met so many incredible new people.

I became a leader.

I learned how to become a better daughter.

I even started this blog and gained the courage to share it with others!

Those are many of the things that I have learned to embrace. Some of the most important lessons that I have learned are ones that can’t be written on paper or posted on Instagram. I learned how to take risks and conquer fears. I found something in myself that strengthened and grew into something beautiful. I learned to adore life and all of the people, places, and things that I have. This is my advice to you. As you continue to grow older, don’t forget to look back and smile at all of the things you have accomplished in your life.

Sit back, enjoy that latte, and love your life.


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